Pontifical Biblical Institute: Studying the Bible for 100 Years

On one of Rome's quieter, less traveled streets the world's only institution dedicated solely to Biblical studies houses over 200,000 volumes. It was founded by Pius X 100 years ago. Jose Maria Abrego, Rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, says: "One hundred years for an academic institution is nothing. But it does allow it to claim a certain experience and try to look toward the future and toward the service it can develop in the future with a base."

A Century of Studying the Bible

Its been a century since the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome has been teaching the Bible. It was founded in 1909 by Pope Pius X and handed to the Society of Jesus due to their intellectual apostolate. As they prepare to celebrate their 100th anniversary, their main objective remains teaching the Bible, but most importantly what it represents.