2007 Annual CBAP Convention - Tagaytay City

The Catholic Biblical Association of the Philippines held its Eighth Annual Convention last July 20-22, 2007, in Tagaytay City, a resort town on a ridge overlooking scenic Taal Lake (photos: 1, 2). The calm waters of the lake betray its turbulent past when a catastrophic volcanic eruption thousands years ago disgorged massive lahar flow that inundated the land of Batangas, Cavite and Laguna. The ancient volcano collapsed on itself to form a massive caldera that is now Taal Lake. Only a small smoke-belching crater in the middle of the shallow waters warns people today of the awesome power of nature that can be unleashed at any time (photos: 1, 2). What an appropriate place for the CBAP to discuss the topic of the Bible and Ecology!

The Phinma Training Center provided first class facilities for the three day convention—air-conditioned conference hall with lobby (photos: 1, 2), three or four workshop rooms, dining hall with cocktail lounge upstairs (photo: 1), bedrooms with baths (photo: 1), and a gym—at a subsidized registration fee of 2,000 pesos each participant.

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